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Windows Media Player 11help and info

  • Can Windows Media Player 11 read DVDs?

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Windows Media Player 11 is able to read and play DVDs. If it is your default player, then it will play your DVDs automatically.

  • Do I need Windows validation to use Windows Media Player 11?

    Due to the fact that Windows Media Player 11 is a Windows application, you will need Windows validation in order to install this application.

  • Is Windows Media Player 11 free?

    Technically, the software is not free because you are supposed to buy it along with certain Windows packages. However, people are currently and legally able to get it for free if their computer doesn't have it installed already.

  • Are there hotkeys for controlling the speed of your videos?

    There are quite a few hotkey controls for Windows Media Player, and these are the ones for controlling the speed of your videos and audio: CTRL + SHIFT + G (fast), CTRL + SHIFT + S (slow), CTRL + SHIFT + N (normal), CTRL + SHIFT + F (scroll fast-forwards) and CTRL + SHIFT + B (scroll backwards).

  • Why has my saved playlist stopped working?

    The most common reason why a playlist stops working is because you have moved the original sound or movie file. Your playlists make a note of your file’s current location, and if you move those files, then the playlist is unable to find and play the audio/movie files.

  • Is Windows Media Player 11 able to rip CDs?

    Windows Media Player is a fantastic CD ripper because it carefully draws the information from the CD and puts it into your library, and it draws out any information from the CD and adds that to your library too

  • Where has my Windows Media Player Gone?

    If you have just had an update and you cannot find your Windows Media Player 11 or a more updated version, then the functionality may have been turned off. Go to your control panel and click, “Turn Windows features on or off” and find the folder that says, “Media Features” and then click the box next to “Windows Media Player.”

  • Why has my Windows Media Player 11 changed?

    There are two possible reasons. The first is that your version of Windows Media Player 11 has been updated, or it has been replaced with a more advanced Windows media player (maybe one with a different name). Even if this is the case, you may still be able to turn the Media player on again because it may not have been removed.

  • What should you do if your Windows Media Player 11 will not open?

    The first thing you should try is updating it, and you should also check to see if your antivirus program is causing by switching off your antivirus program and trying again. You may also revert back to the Windows Media 10 version, which may fix the problem. If you do, you may then try updating the software because it may have been that your original file was damaged.